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Smart Cupping Therapy

Benefits of cupping

✔ PAIN RELIEF: Cupping therapy reduces chronic pain and muscle tension by stimulating release of pain-relieving hormones.

✔ IMPROVED CIRCULATION: Cupping therapy improves tissue health by increasing blood flow to the area where the cups are applied.

✔ RELAXATION: Cupping therapy reduces stress and anxiety through deep pressure and warmth.

The fastest, most effective way to ease muscle tension at home

The Smart Cupping Therapy device improves blood flow, relieves pain and promotes healing through heating and suctioning therapy, allowing for faster recovery and enhanced mobility. The device sucks the skin up and draws blood into the cupped area. The increased blood flow repairs the muscle and skin because your body treats this as a natural healing process. This enhances mobility to stay active and move without discomfort.

 optimised to give you the best and quickest cupping experience

 Smart Cupping Massager – SocialShop

Cupping Therapy, Modernized

Combining cupping with modern systems such as adjustable dynamic suctioning, red light therapy, and targeted heating, we have designed one of the most powerful and convenient all-in-one therapy devices for home and office use.

 easy to use with the active suction

 Ultra-Cup™ Intelligent Cupping Massager – The Urban Moose

All in one. Adjust recovery speed

The dynamic settings allow you customize the level of suction intensity and red light temperature to your preference. Choose from many different modes, cupping, massaging, hot compressing, or scraping all in one device. 12 levels of intensity.



Relief aches & pain after a long working day

Eliminate your muscle pain after an intense workout or aches after a long day at work. Cupping is recommended by physical therapists as and efficient method to boost blood circulation and repair the skin.

Customer Reviews

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Chloe Beier

Very efficient to support on the back side brings up to temperature I really liked it I recommend it

Rowland Lind

Excellent, working perfectly and really helps a lot relieve pain

Eriberto Jenkins

It arrived in less than 2 week, everything works ok, recommended 1000%.👍👌

Ludie Thompson

Extremely fast delivery. Less than a week. Very impressive. Congratulations to the seller for the immediate processing of the order. Product compliant and well packaged. I recommend a 100%

Hester Kshlerin

It really works. Very fast delivery.